In Adygea expand Mafehabl village to settle refugees from Syria

In Adygea to 40 families Syrian Circassians, who wished to settle in the country, will soon be able to obtain land under Maikop for housing.

To this end, in the village Mafehabl allocated an additional 89 hectares of agricultural land, which is backed by the Republican government were transferred to the land for individual housing construction.  As noted in the Committee of the RA National Affairs and Relations with Compatriots media today in the country is home to about 630 Syrian Circassians who gradually grow roots in the country.  “Many families live in Maikop, and other localities. Massively Syrian Circassians settled in Tahtamukaysky area where a. Panahes built 13 new homes (3 populated), and in the village Mafehabl. It was founded in resettlement period in Adygea compatriots from Kosovo. then settled to 140 people, now there are about 40 houses. Now there is the need to expand the village to build houses compatriots from Syria, “- said the director of the RA Civil Code” Adaptation Center returnees “Ashad Guchetl.


According to him, the land allocated under Russian law. Rent free for 10 years, they may be those citizens who have been granted residence permits. Just submitted 36 applications, of which 23 have already been considered, on the order of 7 individuals who at a residence permit can immediately issue a lease and start to build the house. Others are involved in collecting the necessary documents.  Parcel allocated for individual housing construction, is 10 acres. Several families have already started the construction of buildings (construction work carried out by laying the foundations of houses).  “According to Russian law, if on a rented plot of housing will be built, later this land can be issued to the property,” – added Askhad Guchetl.  According to him, after allocation of land, which are in a convenient location – first village along the route – noticeably quickened the construction of private houses. Increased interest on the part of compatriots Mafehablyu constantly increasing number of people wishing to settle here.  Details infrastructure development in the future residential area were discussed at a meeting of the Committee of the RA National Affairs and Relations with Compatriots media. Questions were raised on the streets of road and Abadzekh Republic, the prospects for improving water resources through the use of a water tower’s. Proletarian, create a project for the construction of a new water tower, construction of a kindergarten, village beautification, etc.  “All of these issues are under the control of the government of Adygea and personally Kumpilov Murat, who heads a commission to coordinate the support of compatriots who came into the country from Syria “- said Askhad Guchetl.


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