Circassian Repatriation Organization
Organisme de rapatriement des Circassiens

Nature of the work:

International, Not-for-profit-humanitarian- charitable and peaceful, with no religious
agenda or orientation.

Headquarter Address:

Country: Canada
Province (State) (Region): Ontario
City: Waterloo
Street No.: 695 Rupert St.
Building and Unit No.: Unit B.
Postal Code: N2V 1Z5
Telephone:+1 519-590-7817
website :

Date of Registration: 2014-02-10
Registration No.: 878524-4

The activities of the CRO are funded by:

• Membership registration and Annual Membership fees.
• Unconditional donations, grants and aids from individuals, institutions, and other formal and informal organizations or agencies across the globe.
• All other forms of income generated from organizing exhibitions, activities and financial investments.
The CRO utilizes volunteers to organize activities that takes place at varies locations such as North Caucasus, Turkey, Jordan , USA and Syria.

The Board of directors

The following members are represented by the Administrative Board for 2019-2023:

Orfan Shouakar-Stash , chairman, Canada
Sabah Tsay,                     Vice chairman, Netherland
Badreddin Youssef, USA
Sue Napso Osman,  USA
Lina Bast,                  Canada
Tambi Shafagoj,      Jordan
Zawer Talostan,       Germany
Tina Abzakh,            Sweden
Yahia Touk,               Germany