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The CRO will work with its members to raise funds and awareness about the overall status of the Adigha’s return to their homeland. In doing so it will work with all and any organization to the benefit of our people and in achieving this objective. No matter how small our contribution will be, its our believe that this contribution is the ultimate help that will resurrect the Adigha and is the best and most effective way in preserving our people, our culture and way of living. The CRO through its members and the network of its friends and supporters will work towards building a support net for those who decide to make the ultimate journey back to our homeland. The Support network will include but is not limited to: – Help in financing, help in documentation and procedural logistics, – Humanitarian aid, – Contacts and networking, – Legal counseling, – … and any area which the CRO can muster to elevate any of the difficulties the Adigha will face when they start their journey home or after they arrive in the motherland and start their efforts for resettlement and construction. The help given to our people will be built on a pointing system based on a discrete and accurate study of each repatriation case to understand the needs and prioritize the needed resources. Upon the realization of the needs and priority unprejudiced help and support will be given unconditionally. Distribution of help and support will be done through the humanitarian networks the CRO shall build in the homeland and globally by establishing clear and beneficial alliances with NGOs, governmental and voluntary organizations, the CRO’s members, supporters, and friends. The success in extending these alliances will lead to the accelerated success of the CRO in providing help and support to our people before and after they reach the homeland. While doing so the CRO will document the historical help it receives from any person or organization and will work diligently to highlight such help and support the Adigha people received on this historical passage.  

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