Digha Art Group


Digha Art Group    Digha Art Group “Дыгъэ Арт Гуп” A voluntary

group launched in March 2013. To be a team work that helps the Adiga children returnees to adjust in the new society through entertaining artistic activities related to the culture and the history of the Adiga, enhancing imagination and creativity and the mentality of the team work. Our children participated in an exhibition about the Nart Mythology, after that we established one exhibition which contained various subjects, one of them was a show for three Stop Motion movies made by the children with the help of the team that contained seven Volunteers: Dina Kim, Nada Komoq, Lusana Touq, Beabars Apesh, Amir Kesht, Milana Aleiva, and Diana Shoukarva. There are about forty child in the group between four (4) and fifteen (15) years old, and group’s activities contains drawing, music, Adiga Dancing and making short animation movies. And now we started with a new group for young people who are older than fifteen (15)                   


Digha Art Group3

Digha Art Group1

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