Open Letter to the President of the Russian Federation

Eyad Othman

Circassian Repatriation Organization

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Feb. 9th, 2020



Mr. Vladimir Putin
The President of Russian Federation
Moscow, Russian Federation


Open Letter to the President of the Russian Federation

Dear Mr. President

     The Circassian Repatriation Organization (CRO) is a not-for-profit, humanitarian, charitable and peaceful organization with no political or religious agenda or orientation. The CRO is an international organization, with members from almost 20 countries, that cares about the welfare of Circassians across the globe.

    The CRO considers the appointment of Mr. Khauti Sokhrokov (Presidential Decree, Dated Jan. 15, 2020), in his legal capacity as the president of the International Circassian Association (ICA) and as the representative of Circassian in diaspora, as a member of the working group that will be addressing the amendments of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as an important and positive step in the right direction.

    The CRO believes that the appointment of Mr. Khauti Sokhrokov is intended to officially initiate the recognition of the right of return to all Circassians who live abroad. A legislation in the new constitution that recognizes Circassians who live in diaspora as citizens of the Russian Federation and grants them easy access to the Russian Federation and simplifies the steps to grant them citizenship is a crucial and important move in the right direction. According to the Federal law № 99-FZ ” [Dated 24.05.1999], Circassians should be considered Russian Federation compatriots who are permanently residing abroad. Based on the State Policy of the Russian Federation towards compatriots abroad, Circassians should be able to choose the Russian Federation as a home if they intend to. It is very critical that a clear implementation of this right be clarified and simplified in the new constitution.

    It is important to realize that the returning Circassians will bring with them the diversity and economical breadth that will further strengthen the Russian Federation’s economy. Their integration into the societies of the North Caucasus will also enrich the cultural fabric of the entire country. We sincerely believe that any step taken by the Russian Federation’s Government in facilitating the return of Circassian compatriots who wish to go back to the motherland will be in the benefit of the Russian Federation as well as the Circassian people. Therefore, we do encourage you Mr. President to direct Mr. Khauti Sokhrokov and other committee members of the constitution amendment work group to fulfill their honorable duty and address this important issue. The CRO believes that this historical breakthrough can be done through serious and sincere work.

     The CRO wishes the committee a constructive work with productive results that will benefit both Circassians and the Russian Federation in General.

Best regards,

The Board of Executives of the CRO

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