“Third International Circassian Conference”


Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the organizers of the “Third

International Circassian Conference” have communicated the decision

to postpone the Conference to 2021.


The Conference will be held in

“The Baglarbasi Congress and Culture Center”, Istanbul, Turkey

between Sept. 24th and Sept. 27th of 2021.



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the organizers have communicated the decision to postpone the “Third International Circassian Conference” Conference to 2021.

The Third International Circassian Conference will be a great platform for Circassian Activists to meet, exchange ideas, share research results and project outputs, and initiate discussions and collaborations. The Circassian communities in the motherland and in diaspora are extraordinarily rich with experts in various fields and it is extremely important to create a platform that can be utilized to bring all these experts together. The motto of the Third International Circassian Conference is “Together for a Better Future”

The main topics of the Third Conference are:

  • The Circassian – Circassian Relations: Overcoming Challenges and Initiating Collaborations.
  • The Circassian – Russian Relations: Addressing Critical Issues Including the Right of Return and Implementing Solutions.
  • Circassian Youth: Identity, Responsibilities, Opportunities and Prospective

All of the originally planned sessions and programs of The Third International Circassian Conference will be still offered and the meeting is expected to be one of the largest Circassian events in 2021, where The Circassian Art Exhibition and the Circassian Film Festival will be held in conjunction with the conference. Furthermore, the CRO Awards Ceremony is planned to take place during the conference. Therefore, we are encouraging all Circassian organizations, associations, individuals, and media outlets around the world to partner with us in order to develop a professional network that works together and provides information to all Circassians across the globe.

The success of this conference can only be achieved by the support and participation of experts on all Circassian related issues from the motherland and worldwide. Therefore, the organizers would like to invite Circassian associations, activists, intellectuals, professionals, and businessmen to participate in this conference not just by attending but also by presenting their ideas and experiences. The official languages of the conference are Circassian, Turkish and English. Furthermore, simultaneous translation will be provided.

We are encouraging potential speakers to confirm their participation by Dec. 15th, 2020.

Once the scientific program is finalized, it will be published via the third announcement. Information about the, accommodations in Istanbul and conference fees will be disclosed in the third announcement. Abstracts of the presentations, with short CV and a photograph of the speaker will be printed in the abstract book. We look forward to receiving your participation and contribution for the Third International Circassian Conference.

Best regards


Dr. Orfan Shouakar-Stash

Chairman of the CRO

Founding Member of the CRO



Dr. Faidi Barsbai

Chairman of the Circassian Culture Association in Nuremberg





Prof. Günsel (Şurdum) Avci

Chair of Local Organizing Committee Founding Member Circassian Women’s Association, Turkey


Tel.: 00905323147515

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