Thanks and Appreciation Certificates

Thanks and Appreciation Certificates

In its third participation in the Adiga Day which was organized by the Circassian Charity Assembly in New Jersey-USA, the CRO (represented by its board chairman Dr. Orfan Soukar Stash) honored a number of the activists who left their mark in the organization activities during the last years.

The Circassian Repatriation Organization wish to thank the ladies and gentlemen for every effort they made to fulfill the organization goals and aspirations.

Recipients of the 2017 CRO Appreciation Certificates

´  The Jordan Association of the Friends of the Caucasus Circassians

´  Mr. Ilker Sezen

´  Mrs. Raja Mousa

´  Mr. Zawer Barsbay

´  Mr. Amjad Yahia

´  Mr. Hamsho Issak

´  Mr. Nour Habbak

´  Mr. Alaa Ihsan

´  Mr. Shan Hajo

´  Mr. Mazen Ghokou

Recipients of the CRO Appreciation Certificates from Previous Years

´  Mr. Mozafer Doghoz

´  Mr. Marwan Shehlakh

´  Dr. Samer Stas

´  Dr. Akram Kamelmaz

´  Ms. Shirin Haj Mahmoud


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