Our Motherland”




“Circassia – Our Motherland”

Circassian heaven,
Adiga earth,
I ascend and soar right into heaven’s zenith,
From my lofty watch bastion here on earth.
Adiga firmament,
Circassian soil,
It is only when I reside by your hearth,
That I am most alive on this Earth!

Thy seven large towns
Gloriously flicker,
Like the seven night stars
Of the great Dipper.
The eighth of these fine seven,
Even more august and solemn –
My true comfort and haven –
Is verily our Circassian nation!

On thy abundant and expansive steppes in the evening
A most vivid embroidery is depicted by the gloaming,
And as the fecund and mighty Terek waxeth great
It washeth silver inundations onto the portrait.
Mount me on my awesome, but elegant, steed,
And dispatch me anywhere for some deed,
“Fetch me a star from the heavens,” if thou askest of me,
It’s the great Sun, instead, that I shall gladly bring thee!

The compass of what thine eyes see
Is with tenacity attained by thee.
Even the exquisite silk of the Crimea
Thou, for spoil, hadst brought here!
Circassian sky,
Adiga land,
It is only when I am in thy home and fold,
That I am fully animated in this World!

Translated by Amjad Jaimoukha.

«Адыгэ хэку»

Адыгэ уафэ,
Адыгэ щIылъэ,
Уэгум сихьамэ,
ЩIылъэр си плъапIэщ.
Адыгэ уафэ,
Адыгэ щIылъэ,
Уи лъахэм ситмэ,
Дунейм сытеткъэ!

Уи къалэ щхьиблым
ЖэщкIэ зэщIоблэ(р).
А блым еянэу,
Нэхъ ябжьыфIэкIыу
Си гурыфIыгъуэр
Адыгэ хэкукъэ!

Уи губгъуэ куэщIыр
Пшэплъу хадыкIыр,
Тэрч къызэрокIри
Псыдзэ зэхешэ(р).
Шым сыгъэшэси
Дэни сыгъакIуэ,
Вагъуэ жыпIамэ —
Дыгъэ къэсхьынкъэ!

Уи нэр зыдэплъэм
Уи лъэр лъоIэсыр.
Къырым илъ дани
Адыгэ уафэ,
Адыгэ щIылъэ,
Уи лъахэм ситмэ,
Дунейм сытеткъэ!


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