“Circassian repatriation organisations” started collecting statistics and numbers of the Circassian returnees and refugees

“Circassian repatriation organisation” started collecting statistics, analyses number of the Circassian returnees and refugees from Syria. To implement this program, the organisation is working with municipal government agencies in the Circassian republics of the Russian Federation and with associations and committees, working in support of returnees and refugees. According to the reports of the Circassian republics returnees do not experience great difficulties, as governments of the republics controlling the situation. In the case of Circassian refugees inside and outside Syria the situation is different. Refugees have a lot of difficulties, primarily because of poor coordination between the Circassian organisations and committees that are working in the field of assisting Circassian refugees as well the absence of a common platform of working significantly complicates the process of helping the Circassian returnees . The solution to this problem, today, is one of the main challenges facing the “Circassian repatriation organisation.” The process of this work is continuing and is not complete, but in the near future, we will issue the first statistics. Today we want to give out the information we’ve collected so far. Governments of the Circassian republics officially reported the numbers of returnees from Syria to the historic homeland. Today, there are about 1,624 returnees . More than 1000 returnees in Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, in the Republic of Adygeya about 600, in the Karachay-Circassia Republic 24 returnees . According to various Circassian organisations and committees to support refugees, Circassians refugees outside Syria more than 12 000. 6000 are in Turkey, Jordan 4000, in other countries about 2 000. As for the number of internal Circassian refugees in Syria, there is no accurate information, but according to preliminary estimates, based on the number of abandoned Circassian villages and Circassian communities in the cities in Syria today, the number of internal refugees is about 15 000. Media Committees of the “Circassian repatriation organisation”

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