The CRO  officially branch in the US

Second CRO US meeting was held on Sunday 9/17/2017 in New jersey. During this meeting the CRO US By-laws was adapted and Administrative office members were elected as following:

1. Nassouh Appesh ( President)

2.Zawer Barsbai ( Vice-President)

3. Safwan Helmi (Treasurer)

4. Yanal Ali ( Secretary)

5.Nada Abeda ( Public Relations Officer)

Also 3 new members have applied for CRO membership

Alla Wjokh donated with $50 and Nada Abeda gave $ 50 from ADIGA day sale outcome.

We wish good luck and success to newly elected Administrative office members , and we want to say a warm welcome the new members.


Certificate of Incorporation of CRO-US


CRO – Adiga Day presentation 2017